Telugu-Chodas of Nellore

18 Jan 2020  Sat

Nellore of Chodas is also known as Nellore of Cholas were one of the Telugu Chola families. The Nellore of Chodas had ruled the large part of Andhra Pradesh during the 11th and 12th Centuries. This family were the Chieftains to Kakatiyas and Kalyani Chalukyas and ruled over the Nellore region.

The Chodas of Nellore claim that they were the descent from the famous Karikala Chola. They had ruled over their kingdoms consisting of the Nellore, Chuddapah, Chitoor and Chengalput districts with Vikramasimhapuri (modern Nellore) as their capital.

This gold pagoda which weighs around 3.35g was issued from Telugu-Chodas of Nellore. The obverse of this coin depicts warrior walking to right with the upraised right hand. The reverse of this coin depicts Kannada legend Danava Murari Bantaru.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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