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Birth Anniversary of Mahadev Desai

01 Jan 2020  Wed

Mahatma Gandhi’s closest associate and confidant, Mahadev Desai was born today on 1 January 1892. He is described as "Gandhi's Boswell, a Plato to Gandhi's Socrates, as well as an Ananda to Gandhi's Buddha".

Mahadev Desai was born at Saras in Surat district to Haribhai and Jamnabehn. He received primary and secondary education at different places in Gujarat and graduated from Elphinstone College, Mumbai. Later, he enrolled himself at Law College for L.L.B.

Desai joined Gandhi's Ashram in 1917. He was Gandhi's personal secretary for 25 years. He maintained a diary from 13 November 1917 to 14 August 1942, the day before his death, chronicling his life with Gandhi.

An active participant of many socialist and independence movements and campaigns, he suffered imprisonment many times. He was active participants of Champaran Satyagraha, Salt Satyagraha, and Berdoli Satyagraha. In the Quit India Movement of 1942, he along with Gandhiji was arrested and sent to the Aga Khan Palace for imprisoned, where he died peacefully on 15th August, 1942.

To honor him India Postal Department has issued a 50 Paise commemorative postage stamp in 1983.

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