The traditional craft of India: Maddalam of Palakkad

22 Nov 2019  Fri

Madhalam is a percussion instrument that usually accompanies art forms like Kathakali. It is a round-shaped drum made out of jack wood or the wood of the Jackfruit tree. The wood is given a basic shape at first and then polished well. It is tied tightly with ropes.

The two sides that are meant to play are made up of leather. Both these sides are made in such a way that they produce different sounds. The instrument is tied around the waist of the person playing this instrument.

In 2018, this fascinating handicraft related to one of the eight classical dances of India is illustrated on stamp thought the initiative of India Post in the series of Handicraft on stamps. Its idea was initiated to celebrate the unique craft of India and spread awareness about this age-old tradition.

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