Justin II became Byzantine Emperor

15 Nov 2019  Fri

Justin II was Eastern Roman Emperor reigning from 565 to 574. Today on 15th November in the year of 565, Justin II succeeds his uncle, Justinian I, as emperor of the Byzantine Empire. His reign was marked by war with the Sassanid Empire, and the loss of the greater part of Italy. He attempts to maintain the integrity of the Empire against the encroachments of the Avars, Persians, and Lombards.

Justin was born in 520 to Vigilantia and Dulcidio (or Dulcissimus), respectively the sister and brother-in-law of Justinian. He became emperor following his uncle’s death. In the first few days of his reign, Justin paid his uncle's debts, administered justice in person, and proclaimed universal religious toleration. Contrary to his uncle, Justin relied completely on the support of the aristocratic party.

Depicted here is a 100 Nummi issued under his reign from Carthage mint. The obverse of a coin depicted the helmeted and cuirass wearing bust holding shield. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin engraved monogram; cross above.

Image Source: wikipedia.org

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