Means of transport through the ages on stamps - part III

15 Nov 2019  Fri

By land, by air, or by water! What’s your favourite transportation system? The history of transport is not only one of technological innovations but also of mobility that brought out human progress. Advances in technology have allowed people to travel farther, explore more territory, and expand their influence over larger and larger areas.

Understanding the need and the importance of various transportation systems in our country, India Post had released its mega stamp issue on means of transport on 25th March 2017.This “Means of Transport through the ages on stamps” includes 20 stamps, six sheetlets and four miniature sheets.

Today we are looking at the third set of stamps that show further development in the means of transportation. These stamps talk about the time when the iconic Rickshaws appeared in India.

This set of four stamps depicts the different models of Rickshaws used for transport through the Ages. A “Cycle Rickshaw” which is a three wheeled vehicle open in front and covered at the back is depicted on a 5 rupee stamp. The second a 10 rupee stamp depicts a “Motor Cycle Rickshaw” which is a canopied or covered three wheel vehicle open on the sides.

The third stamp depicts a “Haath Rickshaw” or a “Hand Rickshaw” which is a hand-pulled vehicle drawn by one to two porters on a Rs.15/- stamp. The fourth stamp depicts a “School Rickshaw” which is a three wheel covered vehicle, with windows on the sides on a 25 rupee stamp.

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