The King's Feast Day of Belgium

15 Nov 2019  Fri

The King's Feast Day of Belgium is celebrated annually on November 15th. It may also be known as 'Dynasty Day', or the 'Feast of the Dynasty'. The King's Feast has been celebrated in Belgium on November 15 since 1866. The feast was first celebrated in honor of King Leopold I (1790-1865) who was the first monarch of Belgium following its independence from the Netherlands in 1831.

Since 2001, the Belgian Federal Parliament holds a ceremony in honor of the King, in the presence of members of the Belgian Royal Family and other dignitaries. It is recognized as the official birthday of the King.

In the year 1995, Belgium Post issued a special commemorative stamp, honoring the King’s Feast Day of the year. The stamp depicts the photo of King and Queen of Belgium along with the Royal Crown on the top right corner. The stamp is inscribed with the name of the country in English and French at the top and the denomination value of 16 Belgian francs at the bottom right.

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