Firuz Shah Tughlaq died today

2019-09-20 Fri

Born in 1309, Firoz Shah Tughlaq was the third ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty that ruled over Delhi from 1320 to 1412 AD. He ascended the throne after the death of his cousin Muhammad Bin Tughlaq.

At his succession, he faced many rebellions, including in Bengal, Gujarat, and Warangal. Firoz Shah Tughlaq worked majorly for development of infrastructure in his kingdom. He founded several cities around Delhi, including Jaunpur, Firozpur, Hissar, Firozabad, and Fatehabad.

He died on 20th September 1388. Tughlaq's death led to a war of succession coupled with nobles rebelling to set up independent states. Ten years after his death, Timur's invasion devastated Delhi. His tomb is located in Hauz Khas (New Delhi), close to the tank built by Alauddin Khalji. Attached to the tomb is a madrasa built by Firoz Shah in 1352-53.

Depicted here is gold Tanka issued under his reign. The obverse of a coin depicted the inscription ‘Firoz Shah Sultani’. The reverse of a coin read as ‘Naeb Amir-ul-Mominin’.

Image Source: classicalnumismaticgallery