Netherlands 10 Gulden banknote of 1941

18 Sep 2019  Wed

The Netherlands is a country in north-western Europe. It is known for its flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes! The beautiful capital of Amsterdam is home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. Canal-side mansions and a trove of works from artists including Rembrandt and Vermeer remain from the city's 17th-century "Golden Age."

The Netherlands has a developed economy and has been playing a special role in the European economy for many centuries. The Dutch Gulden was the currency of the Netherlands from the 17th century until 2002, when it was replaced by the Euro.

Today we are looking at a 10 Gulden banknote issued in 1941. This multi-coloured note has on its obverse "Young girl" a painting by Paulus Moreelse and the Coat of arms with “The Netherlands bank” written across it. The note sports “grapes” as its watermark.

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