Birth Anniversary of Christian Lous Lange

17 Sep 2019  Tue

Christian Lous Lange, a Norwegian historian, and Nobel Prize laureate was born on 17th September 1869. He was one of the world’s foremost exponents of the theory and practice of internationalism.

Lange qualified as a high school teacher. Due to his knowledge of history and skills in English and French, he was appointed secretary and advisor to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. He helped to establish the Nobel Institute in Oslo.

In 1907 he was a delegate to the second peace conference at The Hague. In 1921 he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the Swedish prime minister, the social democrat Hjalmar Branting.

In the honor of this great historian, British Virgin Islands has issued 2 United States Dollar stamp, on 5th October 2001. It depicts the portrait of Christian Lous Lange in the forehead. Name of the country and year of issue can be seen at the bottom of the stamp.

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