Royal Mail’s Cricket World Cup Stamps

09 Sep 2019  Mon

The Royal Mail released two new sheets of postage stamps to celebrate England’s victory in both men’s, as well as women’s cricket world cups. Both sheets depict a St. George cross design with four se-tenant stamps. Two of them are non-denominated first-class stamps, and the other two are £1.60 stamps. Stamps on one sheet depict photos of members from the men’s cricket team celebrating after winning the finals against New Zealand in 2019. The other sheet contains stamps that feature members from the women’s team celebrating after defeating team India in the finals in 2017. Both the final matches were played at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

The selvage of the women’s world cup sheet features a text that reads “England ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 Winners”, along with logos of the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 and England and Wales Cricket Board. Similarly, the other sheet’s selvage features the text “England ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Winners” along with logos of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and England and Wales Cricket Board. The souvenir sheets were designed by the Royal Mail Design Team, while they were printed by lithography by International Security Printers. First-day covers and a presentation pack with both sheets are also available.

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Image Courtesy: The Royal Mail

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