Founding of Rome

21 Apr 2016  Thu

The city that has taken centuries to be built commenced its story today. Traditions say that Rome was founded April 21, 753 B.C.

According to the legend, Rome was founded by twin brothers Romulus and Remus who were born in the ancient Italian city of Alba Longa and named after Romulus. Since then the city of Rome has become the centre of political, religious and cultural development.

Initially, Rome was governed by the kings nearly for two centuries. Rome was ruled during its first centuries by a succession of seven kings. After 500 BC, Rome became a republic being known as “the Roman Republic” which lasted for 5 centuries until the last century BC.

The first thirty years of the last century BC have characterised the end of Roman Republic and marked with Beginning of the Roman Empire. The Grandeur of Rome increased under the kingship of Augustus Caesar and his son and successor Julius Caesar. For next 2 centuries, Rome was ruled by not less than ten Emperors.

Finally, in mid 300 AD, the Roman Empire was disintegrated as the Christianity took over. Though the Christianity reached Rome during 1st AD, it was not popular for first two centuries of the Christian era. Constantine, I became the first Christian emperor, and in 380 Theodosius, I established Christianity as the official religion.

Rome witnessed series of upheavals in coming centuries. Rome not only witnessed rise and decline and re-rise of Christianity but also the period Renaissance. Rome’s existence was threatened by series of invasions led by Napoleon.

Rome was not only a part of the Italian Unification and also went through during the Unification of Germany. Rome survived two of the biggest wars the mankind ever faced leaving behind the most important lesson to the mankind and the greatest legacy of art, history and philosophy to the entire world.

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