Ahmed Shah Bahadur Silver Rupee

2019-09-03 Tue

Ahmed Shah Bahadur was one of the Mughal rulers. He sat on the throne after the death of his father Muhammad Shah in the year 1748CE and ruled it till 1754CE.

The mighty Mughal empire was on the brick of collapsed when Ahmed Shah Bahadur sat on the throne Delhi. He ruled for almost six years. Later on, he was deposed by his Vizier Feroze Jung III who blinded him and imprisoned him along with his mother. Ahmed Shah spent the remaining years of his life in prison and died in the year 1775 at the age of 50.

This silver rupee was issued by Ahmed Shah Bahadur during 3rd year if his reign in the Hirji year 1163. The obverse of this coin depicts the name and title of Ahmed Shah Bahadur. The reverse of this coin depicts julus formula, mint name Narwar and regnal year.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction