Ancient Mythology illustrated on Chinese stamps

29 Aug 2019  Thu

China Post commemorated a series of six stamp illustrating well known ancient mythology and stories of Chinese culture. This set of six stamps is based on the stamps released in 1987 depicting Chinese mythology. The illustration and depiction of the stamp consist of delicate lines with a series of great color and strong visual effects.

The stamp of this series depicts Suiren producing fire by drilling in wood. Surien is one of the three sovereigns between gods and emperors in the third millennium BC. He is crediting with introducing the practice of drilling wood for the fire. The second stamp depicts Fuxi drawing the trigrams, in Chinese mythology Fuxi is seen as mankind’s first male ancestor, a cultural hero and one most benevolent god in Ancient China.

The third stamp depicts Shennong tasting hundreds of species of herbs to determine their medicinal value. The fourth stamp is devoted to Lezius and the origin of Chinese silk. The first stamp features Cangjie creating Chinese characters based on the animal’s footprint. The last stamp shows Yu the Great taming the waters.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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