King Vitellius ruled Rome for eight Months...

2019-08-22 Thu

Rome has a fascinating history with its huge number of Emperors. It has become a crucial web of history that is read to solve. Thus it not surprising that few Roman emperors ruled in the same year, the span of their reign was for only months. one from this segment was Emperor Vitellius, he was the Successor of Emperor Otho. Vitellius ruled Rome for the term of eight months. Rome was embraced with the chaos of civil war, due to the conflicts between the power-hungry noblemen to become the sole administrator of Imperial Rome.

Emperor Vitellius was title as Aulus Vitellus Germanicus Augustus. He was the first to add honorific cognomen ‘Germanicus’ to his title instead of traditional ‘Caesar’ upon his accession. His accession to the throne was challenged by brigades (legions) stationed in the eastern provinces, they proclaimed their leader Vespasian as their emperor. This dispute between Vitellius and Vespasian transformed into war cry and it resulted in the defeat of Emperor Vitellius at the Second Battle of Bedriacum in northern Italy.

Vitellius also minted coins like his predecessor’s. The gold Aureus of Vitellus was circulated in 69CE, bust of Emperor is depicted on the obverse side. The reverse of this coin illustrates Concordia seated facing left holding a patera in right hand and cornucopia in the left hand. The coinage of Emperor Vitellius consists denominations like Denarius, Sestarius, As, etc.

After the defeat at Bedriacum, Vitellius prepared to abdicate in favour of Vespasian. Later on, he was executed by the Vespasian soldiers in 69 CE.

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