Nasiruddin Khusru was defeated by Ghazi Malik

2019-08-22 Thu

Nasir Al-Din Khusrau Khan was the last ruler of the Khilji Dynasty. He ruled Delhi for four months before been killed by Ghazi Malik in 1320 AD.

He was captured by Qutubuddin Mubarak Shah during his Gujarat expedition. Qutubuddin Mubarak made him as his slave. The real name of Nasir Al-Din Khusrau is still unknown, but it is said that Qutubuddin Mubarak Shah gave him a name as Khusrao Shah.

After the murdering Mubarak Shah in the year 1320 CE Khusrao Shah sat on the throne of Delhi with the title Nasir Al-Din Khusrau Shah. But, he ruled Delhi for a very short period of time; soon he was captured by Ghazi Malik (Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq) and was killed in the Battle of Hauze-e-Alaai (Hauz Khas).

Under his reign gold, silver, copper, billon coins were issued from Hazrat Delhi and Qila Deogir. These coins were issued in the denomination of Tanka, Adli, Paika, and Gani.

Depicted here is a billon six Gani issued under his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts the Arabic legend ‘Al-Sultan al-Azam Nasir al-Dunyawal din’. On the other hand the reverse of a coin engraved with ‘Abu I Muzaffarkhursu Shah al-Sultan’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery