The United States 1898 John Fremont Stamp

21 Aug 2019  Wed

United States issued a stamp featuring John C. Fremont in the year 1898 also known as the Trans-Mississippi Exposition issue.

John C. Fremont was one of the most fascinating characters in 19th-century American history. An explorer, soldier and politician, he earned his sobriquet, the Pathfinder, by leading five exploratory expeditions of the American West.

During the Mexican-American War, he was instrumental in capturing California for the United States. He served as one of California’s first two senators. In 1856, he was the Republican Party’s first candidate for president of the United States. He served as a major general in the Union Army during the Civil War and later served as governor of the Arizona Territory.

The stamp issued by the United States in the year 1898 is a 5 c dull blue stamp depicting a tiny figure of Fremont waving the American flag atop a peak in the Rocky Mountains. This stamp is favorite collectible of the US stamp collectors and values USD100 in unused original gum condition and at USD275 in mint never hinged condition.

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