Coin Celebrates 200th Birth Anniversary of Prince Albert

20 Aug 2019  Tue

The Royal Mint will be releasing a special Strike on the Day Sovereign on 26th August to celebrate the 200th birth anniversary of Prince Albert. The gold Sovereign, also known as ‘the coin of the monarch’, was issued in the times of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The latest one also depicts a special privy mark – a dual cypher of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert that’s inspired by their interlinked monograms, as a symbol of their love.

Prince Albert was not only Queen Victoria’s husband but also her best friend and motivator. They were 17 years old when they met each other for the first time. Prince Albert brought in positivity in the life of Victoria with his cheerful and optimistic attitude. He had also organised the Great Exhibition of 1851 which presented the best of British culture and industry. The famed Crystal Palace was also built for this event.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Mint

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