Birth Anniversary of S. Satyamurti

19 Aug 2019  Mon

The Indian independence activist and politician, Sundara Sastri Satyamurti was born on 19th August 1887. He was praised for his rhetoric and was one of the prominent leaders of Indian National Congress from Madras Presidency.

Satyamurti was born at Pudukkottai on 19th August 1887. After graduating from the Madras Christian College, he enrolled himself for higher studies in Law at Madras Law College.

In 1919, the Congress sent him as a delegate in the Joint Parliamentary Committee of the United Kingdom to protest against Rowlatt Act and the Montagu-Chelmsford reforms. Satyamurti was jailed in 1942 for his activities during the Quit India Movement. He was later released, but died on 28 March 1943, due to heart failure.

S. Satyamurti contributed to the building of modern India through his parliamentary skill and his relentless fight with the British bureaucracy. To honor him India Postal Department has issued 60 Paise commemorative postage stamp in 1987.

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