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Mercury Dime 2016 Centennial Gold Coin

19 Aug 2019  Mon

The Mercury Dime is the ten-cent coin struck by the United States of America from 1916-1946. These coins were designed by Adolph Weinman and were also referred to as Winged Liberty Head Dime. The Coin got the name Mercury Dime because; the obverse of this coin depicts the portrait of young Liberty, identified by her winged Phrygian cap, which was confused with the Roman god Mercury. The reverse of this coin depicts fasces, symbolizing unity and strength, and an olive branch, signifying peace.

The United States of America had issued to commemorative coin to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Mercury Dime. This gold coin was struck with .9999 fine 24 Karat gold. The obverse of this coin depicts the portrait of Liberty facing towards left, wearing the winged cap. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Roman fasces and an olive branch, symbolizing America’s military readiness and desire for peace.

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