Coins celebrating Apollo 11 lunar landing

16 Aug 2019  Fri

Man’s first landing on moon will always be remembered with awe! After all, when histories like this are made it calls for endless celebrating. Monnaie de Paris of France issued four special commemorative coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 mission.

These four Proof coins from France have on the obverse of a view of the moon, an astronaut leaving footprints on the lunar surface with the beautiful sky. The reverse provides a similar image, but from Earth’s viewpoint, and with inscriptions “1969-2019 50 ans des premiere pas sur la lune” marking the 50th anniversary of man landing on moon.

Issued in the denominations of €10 (.900 fine silver), €50 (.950 fine silver), €50 (.999 fine gold quarter-ounce) and a 1-ounce €200 coin, these coins have on both sides a crescent of colourful resin defining outer space beyond the major design elements. Stars and other objects behind the resin give an effect of depth to the surfaces. This unique application tries to recreate the expansive nature of our Universe and stars. Each piece is unique because the application of resin is different for every coin.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Image Courtesy: Monnaie de Paris

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