USPS honoured Walt Whitman

13 Aug 2019  Tue

U.S. Postage released special stamp to honour Walt Whitman on his bicentennial birth anniversary. He is honoured and remembered as the father of American poetry. Walt Whiteman broke from the dominant European poetic form and experimented with free verse and colloquial expressions. He wrote powerfully about every aspect of 19th century America.

The stamp depicts the Portrait of Whitman taken from the Photograph of Fran Pearsall in 1869. The background of the stamp illustrates a hermit thirst sitting on the branch of the lilac Bush recalls an elegy for President Abraham Lincoln written by Whiteman after the Lincoln assassination ‘When Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom’d’.

The artist for the stamp was Sam Weber and Art director Greg Breeding designed it. The world ‘Three Ounce’ on the stamp indicated its usage value. Similar to the forever stamps, this stamp will always be valid for the rate print on it. It is a forever type stamp so it’s always will be used for the designated usage value of three ounces.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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