Postage Stamps Celebrate the History of Indian Perfumes

2019-08-09 Fri

India post recently released a set of two 25-Rupees commemorative postage stamps and two miniature sheets each for Sandalwood and Jasmine scents. They are a part of a special series that’s dedicated to Indian Scents. 8 lakh stamps and 2 lakh miniature sheets were printed using wet offset technology at Security Printing Press in Hyderabad.

India is known for its perfumes since ancient times, right from Indus Valley Civilisation to Gupta and Maurya period. Muslim rulers from the medieval period patronised perfumery from Persia and Arabia as well. Several Indian families from north India continue the tradition of Ittar-making even today.

The enchanting fragrance of sandalwood is retained for several years. Sandalwood oil has a very peculiar smell and has been popular for centuries. Similarly, Jasmine is a commonly used botanical scent which has ancient roots as well.

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Image Courtesy: India Post