Rare High Denomination US Notes to be Auctioned

08 Aug 2019  Thu

Heritage Auctions is going to offer several interesting currency notes from the US during ANA World’s Fair of Money Platinum Night Currency Auction on 15th August at the Chicago ANA convention. Large-denomination notes in big and small sizes would be a major highlight during the sale.

A $5,000 Federal Reserve note issued in 1928 from Atlanta, Graded PMG EPQ VF 30, is going to be offered during the auction. Less than 20 examples of this type exist across all districts. A $100 Federal Reserve note issued in 1934 from San Francisco with serial number 1 is another exciting offering. It’s the only serial number 1 $1,000 FRN which is in privately held. This rare note was in circulation for a while and is graded PMG Very Fine 25 with minor restorations.

A $500 Gold Certificate from the 1882 series in PCGS About New 50 grade is something to look out for. It’s the finest known example for its type. Another beauty is a $1,000 gold certificate from the 1922 series, graded PCGS Extremely Fine 40. Many other banknotes are also going to be auctioned like a $50 Silver Certificate issued in 1880, graded PMG Very Fine 20; a $1,000 Federal Reserve Note issued in 1918, graded PMG About Uncirculated 53 EPQ; a $1,000 Federal Reserve Note issued in 1928, graded PCGS Gem New 66PPQ; a $5,000 Federal Reserve Note issued in 1934, graded PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 and a $10 Mule North Africa Silver Certificate issued in 1934, graded PMG Very Fine 30.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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