The Hero of Western Roman Throne Died Today

2019-08-07 Wed

Majorian, the last heroic character to occupy the Western Roman Throne, died today on 7th August 461. He makes a concerted effort to restore the Western Roman Empire with its own forces.

Flavius Julius Valerius Majorianus was born ca. AD 420 to an aristocratic Roman family. Appointed master of the soldiers in 457, Majorian quickly defeated the Alemannic invaders at Bellinzona. He was proclaimed emperor, on April 1, 457 after deposed Emperor Avitus.

Possessing little more than Italy, Dalmatia, and some territory in northern Gaul, Majorian campaigned rigorously for three years against the Empire's enemies.

Majorian minted coins in gold, silver, and bronze. The first series of solidi were minted probably in Ravenna, and bear the joint portrait of Majorian and Leo I, thus celebrating the mutual recognition of the two Roman emperors. The mints of Ravenna and Milan issued both solidi and tremisses from the beginning of Majorian's reign.

Gold coins were minted in great quantities. The above-shown Solidus is one of the examples of Gold coins issued under his reign. The obverse of a coin represent helmeted, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed and bust of Majorian, in right hand holding spear pointing forward, shield over left shoulder emblazoned with cross-in-circle. The reverse of a coin has Majorian in military dress standing facing, left foot on a human-headed serpent, holding the long cross in the right hand and stylized Victory-on-globe in left.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions