Baba Amte Recipient of Ramon Magsaysay Award

03 Aug 2019  Sat

Murlidhar Devidas Amte better known as Baba Amte was an Indian lawyer and social activist who devoted his life to the care of leprosy patient and working for their rehabilitation.

Amte was born into an affluent Brahmin family and acquired the nickname Baba as a child. He trained as a barrister but, influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent fight for justice, abandoned his legal career in the 1940s. He and his wife, Sadhna Amte, had started an organization for the leprosy patients Anandwan in 1950.

His work earned him various numerous international awards, notably the Padma Shree, UN Human Rights Prize, a share of the Templeton Prize, and the Gandhi Peace Prize. In the year 1985, Baba Amte received Ramon Magsaysay award for public service.

India Post issued a stamp with Rs.5 denomination featuring a portrait of Baba Amte, who spent his entire life to empowering the abandoned class of society.

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