Isaac II Angelos restored Eastern Roman Emperor

01 Aug 2019  Thu

Isaac II Angelos was the ruler of the Byzantine Empire reigning from 1185 to 1195 AD. Today, on this day in the year 1203, Isaac II Angelos, restored Eastern Roman Emperor, declares his son Alexios IV Angelos co-emperor after pressure from the forces of the Fourth Crusade.

Isaac inaugurated his reign with a decisive victory over the Norman King of Sicily, at the battle of Demetritzes in 1185. In 1195, while the campaign against the Serbs, Isaac was arrested and blinded by his brother, Alexios III who seized to the throne. Isaac remained a prisoner until August 1203, after eight years of captivity he was freed by the victorious army of the fourth crusade and restored to the throne with his son, Alexios IV Angelos, as co-emperor.

Depicted here is Electrum Aspron Trachy issued under his reign from Constantinople mint. the obverse of a coin depicts the full-length figure of the Virgin Mary seated on a throne wearing pallium and maphorium holding nimbate head of infant Christ on the lap. The reverse of a coin represents the full-length figure of Isaac (on left) wearing the crown with pendilia chlamys, cruciform scepter in the right hand, and akakia in left. The Archangel Michael (on right) wearing nimbus crown and military attire, reaching up with right hand to crown Isaac with the right hand, jeweled scepter in left.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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