New Zealand devotes stamps on Colin McCahon

30 Jul 2019  Tue

New Zealand Post has issued a set of five stamps to mark the fame of the talented painter Colin McCahon. The Distinctive power and originality of his image made McCahon a giant of New Zealand painting and today he is recognised internationally as one of Aotearoa’s most significant artists. He is well known as a landscape painter whose visionary style featuring the placement of religious images and words against New Zealand backdrops. This issue features five of his most outstanding works.

The 1st stamp illustrates painting created in 1954, this painting was entirely constructed by words. The second item shows Titirangi Landscape oil on canvas. The third stamp illustrated ‘The Angel of the Annunciation’ created in 1947. The fourth stamp features Red and Black landscape. The last and the fifth stamp depicts ‘The First Waterfall’.

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Image Courtesy: Findyourstampvalue

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