Christopher Columbus lands at Guanaja

30 Jul 2019  Tue

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer, who is best known for discovering America. His Journey marked as the beginning of the centuries of transatlantic colonization.

Christopher Columbus was born in the year 1451 in Genoa. He started his career as traders which help him to learn how to make the map and Navigation Ships. Later he also made three ships – the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. One of his main objectives was to sail to the west until he reaches Asia (the Indies, especially India) which was very rich in gold, pearls, and spices.

Between 1492 and 1504, he made a total of four voyages to the Caribbean and South America and has been credited for opening up the Americas to European colonization. On 30th July 1502, he lands at Guanaja in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras during his fourth voyage.

A number of stamps and coins were issued from around the world depicting various events during the career of Christopher Columbus. US post issued a $5 stamp on commemorating the 4th centenary of Columbus’s first successful expedition to the west! Issued in 1892, this stamp depicts the bust of Columbus flanked by two women holding staffs in their hands.

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