DASA and Bank of England Seeking Ideas for Banknote Security Features

29 Jul 2019  Mon

The Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA) and the Bank of England are looking for innovative solutions that would enhance the security features of banknotes in future. DASA works on introducing effective technologies for improving UK defence and security within a short period of time. They also want to analyse the security features that are currently being applied to banknotes and find ways in which they can be improved. They are calling for ideas that would make banknotes even more secure using better features and print technologies.

The new technology will have to integrate easily with the banknote design. By using this new technology, it should be difficult to duplicate the notes. They should be easy to communicate and use. They should be durable and suitable for high-volume printing. Holographic foils, lenticular lens features, and optically variable inks will not be considered.

Banknotes of England currently have see-through windows, colour-shifting foils, raised printing, and holograms with changing images. People can submit their entries through DASA’s Enterprise Collaboration Service platform until March 2020.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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