One of the biggest states in British India, Karauli is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The Maharajas of Karauli belongs to Jadon clan of Rajput and claimed to be the descendants of Hindu god Krishna. According to Mahabharat, Karauli was a part of Matsya kingdom. It was established by Raja Bijai Pal as per archaeological evidence. Chandravanshi Yaduvanshi Jadon Rajputs were believed to be descendants of Mathura kingdom founded by Raja Brahm Pal in 900 AD. The Maharaja of Karauli maintained a military force of 281 cavalry, 1640 infantry and 56 guns and it was entitled by British for salute of 17 guns. In 1346 AD, it was founded by Maharaja Arjun Pal but presently it is dominated by Gujars and Meena communities.

The Maharaja of Karauli belongs to Jadon clan of Rajput and claimed to be descendant of Hindu god Krishna. Bijai Pal established the dynasty and built a fort in Bharatpur. His eldest son, Tahan Pal built Tahangarh Fort in 1058 and captured the entire region which defines above given Karauli. During Kunwar Pal’s reign, Mohammad Ghori had captured Tahangarh and other territories of Karauli in 1196.

In order to save his life, Kunwar Pal fled to a village in Rewah state. Later, Arjun Pal tried to recover the loss of his ancestors by capturing Mandrael fort after which he gradually took control of the lost empire. Thereafter, he made Karauli town as the capital in 1348. After the fall of Mughal Empire, under treaty of 1817, Karauli came under British protection.

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