Western Kshatrapas - Kshaharata

The Western Kshatrapas ruled over the central and western parts of India. They were Saka rulers of present-day states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. They ruled alongside the Satavahanas in the south, Guptas to the east, and the Kushanas to the north. In the second to the fourth century CE, Ujjain was their centre.

The Western Kshatrapas dynasty was formed by a King named Chastana around the Malwa region around 78AD. They had a total of 27 independent rulers during a period of about 350 years. Lack of archaeological, epigraphic or textual information has made the study of their coins very important to understand their history. There were two lines of Kshatrapas :-

• The Kshaharatas
• The Kardamakas

Kings such as Nahapana and Bhumaka were a part of the Kshaharata line. King Nahapana was a successful ruler who took over portions of the Satavahana Empire.

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