In the history of Magadha, what made the Mauryan Empire so formidable and strong that they took over most of the sub-continent?

The Mauryan Empire is known through history as the first kingdom in India to cover a major portion of the subcontinent. Founded by Chandragupta Maurya under the aegis of his guru, Chanakya, the Mauryan Empire flourished from 324 BCE to 185 BCE when Pushyamitra Shunga led a successful coup against the last Mauryan ruler, Brihadratha.

Chandragupta was succeeded by his son, Bindusara, who expanded the kingdom considerably. With his successor, Ashoka, came in an era of peace which lasted throughout his rule. Trade and economy flourished with the rulers patronising public works and expansion of trade routes. The population of the kingdom were governed fairly. Taxes were strict, yet affordable. If a region was hit with drought, the taxes levied there were relaxed. The Mauryan rulers issued silver and copper coins which were circulated throughout the kingdom.

Covering almost the entire subcontinent, the Mauryan Empire was the largest empire to have flourished in ancient India.

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