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Stamps of India

Continuing with where we left last year, here is another post in the series of stamps of India featuring birds on them. Just before the year ended in 2016, some splendid stamps were released by India post depicting colourful birds on 5th December 2016.

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birds on stamps of India


The subcontinent of India is blessed to be located geographically so strategically that, everything seems to fall in place for vibrant flora and fauna to thrive abundantly. India is home to hundreds of species of birds, most of which are native to certain regions and not much movement has been seen outside their homelands. Every species has a distinct habitat which they are accustomed to. Forests, mountains, coastal areas, marshy areas, plains, plateaus and cities, each one of them has their favourite breeding region, and India offers all that variety. Not just that, biodiversity of India can also be attributed to the fact that different parts of the country experience different climatic conditions. The more or less warm climate of India is what attracts migratory birds from all over the world. We had shared some interesting facts about these beautiful migratory birds that were featured on stamps of India in one of our earlier blog posts. On 17th October 2016, 4 stamps of India were issued, ranging from a denomination of 5 rupees to 25 rupees, depicting endangered birds of India. Let’s know a little about these flying beauties!

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