Albania to Release New Series of Banknotes

10 Jul 2019  Wed

According to official reports, Albania will be releasing a new series of banknotes very soon. New versions of 200 and 5.000 Leke banknotes will be released first and the other denominations will be introduced in the following months after that. Officials have stated that the current series was introduced 20 years ago and that the new one will have more security features.

The improved security elements will make it difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate the notes. A lot of changes have been made at the design level as well by taking into account aspects such as aesthetics and durability. The new designs have not yet been made public but according to the reports, production has already begun.

A special ceremonial event will be organised by the Bank of Albania before circulating the new notes. The Bank is planning to release its first ever 10.000 Leke banknote, which will become the highest denomination to be circulated in Albania. Its design would be based on Albania’s national anthem and its author, Asdreni.

Image Courtesy: National Bank of Albania

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