Trajan- The Best Ruler

24 Jun 2019  Mon

Trajan was the great Roman Emperor who is remembered as a successful soldier-emperor who presided over the greatest military expansion in Roman history. Born in the city of Italica, Trajan assumed the title of emperor on 27th January 98 and ruled it till 117. He belongs to a non-patrician family and rose to prominence during the reign of Emperor Domitian.

Trajan was highly capable in terms of his military decisions as well as administrative and political reforms. Under his reign, the empire grew not just territorially, but also economically and culturally. He was declared Optimus Princeps or the best ruler during his lifetime.

Trajan launched many successful campaigns. In 115 he led successfully war against the Parthian Empire of Mesopotamia. Today on this day in 109, he inaugurates the Aqua Traiana, an aqueduct that channels water from Lake Bracciano, 40 kilometers (25 miles) north-west of Rome.

Depicted here is a silver Denarius issued under his reign from Rome mint. The coin depicts the laureate bust of a king facing right. The reverse of a coin portrays the Trajan in military garb, standing right, receiving globe from togate Nerva standing left.

Also known for his philanthropic rule, Trajan is considered as the second of the Five Good Emperors who presided over an era of peace and prosperity in the Mediterranean world. His death occurred when returning from a campaign in Mesopotamia. He was succeeded by Adriano, whom he accompanied in numerous military campaigns.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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