Funny Take on Millennials by Belgium Post

22 Jun 2019  Sat

On 17th June, Belgium post released a pane of five non-denominated stamps as a part of its popular Youth Philately series. The pane is titled “Anatomy of a Millennial” and highlights the characteristics of millennials in a rather funny manner! The pane features a fictional character, Chrostin who was created by a 23-year-old comic artist Christina De Witte.

One stamp shows Chrostin’s midsection with her heart. The country name is in Belgian while the remaining text is in English. “Swipe Right” appears at the bottom. The stamp is called “Contemporary Romanticist”. Two stamps feature Chrostin’s hands, the “Conscious Do-Gooder” in on the upper left and the “Digital Native: in the lower right. The other two stamps are called "Passion = Work" and “No Place Like Home”. The stamps were printed by offset by Bpost Philately and Stamp Printing.

The Youth Philately series of Belgium began in 1979. The first stamp in the series featured Tintin as a stamp collector. Millennials is a general term given to those who were born in the 1980s or 1990s.

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Image Courtesy: Belgium Post

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