The Battle of Haldighati

18 Jun 2019  Tue

18th June 1576 is a day when the historic battle of Haldighati broke out between Rana Pratap and Mughal Emperor, Akbar. In this battle, Maharana Pratap and his courageous soldiers fought valiantly. The Mughals were the victors and inflicted significant casualties among the Mewaris but failed to capture Pratap, who escaped. .

Maharana Pratap is known for his bravery and ceaseless struggle against the powerful Mughal Emperor Akbar. Pratap's prowess in fighting battles was proved during the Battle of Haldighati in 1576. He stood alone in fighting the Mughal supremacy over Rajputana.

Such deeds of valor and superhuman courage made Maharana a legend among the tales of Rajput chivalry and this legend still survive. The history of Chittorgarh is incomplete without his mention.

In his memory, India Government has released a 1 Rupee commemorative coin featuring him in 2003. The coin showing the bust facing left and name of the warrior king around in Devanagari and Roman script with his birth and death year (1540-1578).While other side depicted the Asoka lion pedestal and denomination below.

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