Latest Banknotes of Aruba

03 Jun 2019  Mon

On 18th May, the Central Bank of Aruba revealed designs for the country's latest banknote series, after seven years of research. These notes will enter circulation on 3rd June. Notes of 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 florins denominations will be released. The 500-florin note that was introduced in 2003 has been replaced with a new denomination of 200-florin. The basic colour-schemes for the other notes remain unchanged.

“Life in Aruba” is the theme chosen for the banknote designs. They highlight the country’s flora, fauna, cultural heritage, monuments, and landmarks. The security features on these notes have also been upgraded.

Many local artists, local and international experts from central banks, private sector consultants and Banknote producer Crane Currency worked together to finalize the designs. Banknotes of Aruba were printed by a firm called Royal Joh. Enschede in Haarlem, Netherlands. However, the firm stopped printing banknotes in December 2016 and the bank needed a new supplier.

The new notes will continue to circulate with the old ones until 11th August. After that, the 2003 series notes will not remain legal tender. The old notes can be exchanged for new ones at any bank until 4th December. After that, the old notes can be exchanged only at the Central Bank until 12th August 2049.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Aruba

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