Austrian Silver Niobium Coin Celebrates Artificial Intelligence

2019-05-10 Fri

Austrian Mint released a new 25 Euro Silver Niobium Coin based on the theme “Artificial Intelligence”. It’s the 17th coin from Austrian Mint’s Silver Niobium series. The obverse side depicts a humanoid robot with a blue niobium core and conductor paths that connect a processor with the silver outer ring. The reverse side depicts symbols related to e-health system, smart machines, processors, digitalization, data analysis, and artificial neural networks. Neural synapses connect the outer ring to the niobium core with a binary code. An outline of a human head is seen on the foreground. The coin designs are created by Helmut Andexlinger and Herbert Wahner.

The coin’s edge is smooth and it has a diameter of 34 millimetres. It is struck in special Uncirculated quality and has a mintage limit of 65,000 pieces. It is made of 9 grams of 900 Fine Silver and 6.5 grams of 998 pure niobium. Each coin comes in a capsule and is boxed along with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The coins have been produced using a highly innovative technique. Light refraction is applied on a fine, transparent oxide layer to create the niobium tones. The two-tone niobium core has a circular design with a silver outer ring.

From Robots that perform unimaginable tasks to algorithms that can even analyse customer behaviour, Artificial Intelligence has been a part of several innovations that have changed our lives for the better. The coin perfectly symbolises the power of Artificial Intelligence using advanced minting technology.

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