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Mint of Poland Coin Celebrates Artificial Intelligence

14 Oct 2016  Fri

The first 99.9% fine silver coin named Code of the Future belonging to a new series Artificial Intelligence was issued by The Mint of Poland for Niue Island. The coin depicts the binary codes 1’s and 0’s and designs from the science-fiction movies with selective fluorescent colouring.

The reverse features a blue female android holding planet Earth in her palms. The android’s finger bones look like the denuded digits of the original Terminator. A tunnel made of 1s and 0s is featured in the background. The short form of the series “ai” is also inscribed.

The obverse features massive columns, bald heads, small spaceships, strange machines and a profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Other inscriptions include ELIZABETH II / NIUE 2016 / 2 DOLLARS and CODE OF THE FUTURE.

The mintage limit of this 99.90% silver 62.2 g $2 (NZ) Antique finish coin is 500. The coin also has a unique feature of glowing in the dark. It comes with a certificate of Authenticity in special packaging and can be purchased for $226.90.

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