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09 May 2019  Thu

Today we are well aware of the concept of postage stamps. But do u known stamps are also used for the purpose of revenue or tax collection like on tobacco, court fees, sales tax and etc. India during the colonial period had two types of stamp which is also categories by stamp collectors just for Indian philately: a) The stamp issued by the Post of the Feudatory State which is valid within their state b) The convention state of British India, they had an agreement with the British postal system to handle the internal postage and overprint stamps of British India within a specific state. Revenue stamps proved to be a vital factor for revenue collection in British India and one such revenue stamp was Bill Stamp. This kind of stamp is attached with the bill of any transaction of commodity or purchase. This bill stamp is the tax fee attached which the purchase of the commodity within the state. This stamp was issued by the princely State of Gondal of Kathiawar Agency in Bombay Presidency during British Raj. The last ruler of state signed the instrument of accession to the Indian union on 15 February 1948. Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

Image Courtesy: Stanley Gibbons

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