Colorado State Quarter Dollar

02 May 2019  Thu

Colorado is one of the states of United States of America. It is a state of Western United States which encompasses most of southern Rocky Mountains as well as north-eastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.

State Colorado was named after Colorado River. This state is bounded Kansas to east, Utah to west, Oklahoma to southeast, Wyoming to north, and Nebraska to northeast. This state is well-known for its vivid landscape mountains, forest, canyons, plateaus, rivers and desert lands.

The capital of this state is Denver; it is one of the most populous cities of Colorado. The residence of this state is known as Coloradans, although the antiquated term "Coloradoan" is occasionally used.

United States of America had issued this commemorative quarter-dollar with the theme of state Colorado in the year 2006. This coin is the third coin release in the year 2006 and overall it is 38th coin release in 50 State Quarters Program. The reverse of this coin depicts rugged Rocky Mountains, evergreen trees and a banner.

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