Mehmed V became Sultan of Ottoman Empire

27 Apr 2019  Sat

Mehmed V was the 35th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. His reign began on 27th April 1909 and he ruled until his death in 1918. Under his rule, the Ottoman Empire lost all its remaining territory. In the two Balkan Wars during 1912-13, the Ottoman lost almost all their European possessions, and in the war with Italy Tripoli was lost.

His reign was marked by the absolute rule of the Committee of Union and Turkey's defeat in World War I. He issued gold, silver, copper, and copper-nickel coins from Qustantiniyah (Constantinople) mint. These coins were issued in the denomination of Kurush and Para.

The above shown 100 Kurush belongs to his reign. The obverse of a coin depicted the legend in tughra calligraphy next to "Reshat", a regnal year below followed by an olive branch and a wheat sheaf knotted together all inside a beaded circle. The reverse of a coin bore the mint name and date within wreath, a star on top.

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