Nevada State Quarter Dollar

24 Apr 2019  Wed

Nevada is one of the states of the United States of America, The word Nevada comes from the Spanish word ‘Nevada’ which means the Sierra Nevada. Officially this state is also known as ‘Silver State’ because of its importance of history and economy. This state is also named as ‘Battle Born State’ because it has achieved statehood during the civil war. The word ‘Battle Born’ also appears on the state flag.

Nevada is a state which is largely desert and semi-arid; most of its land is within the Great Basin. Areas which belongs to the south of ‘Great Basin are within Mohave Desert, while area like Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada lies on the western edge. Nearly around 86 percent of the state’s land is managed by various jurisdictions of the United States Federal Government, both by civilian and military.

The United States of America had issued a commemorative quarter dollar with the theme of state Nevada is the year 2006. This quarter dollar is the first coin released in the year 2006 and overall it is 36th coin release in 50 States Quarters Program.

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