Coinage of Shihab Al Din Ahmad Shah I

2019-04-17 Wed

One of the major medieval Indian kingdoms, Bahmani Sultanate was the first independent Muslim empire of south India. It was established by an Ismaili military general from Badakhshan, Ala al Din Bahman Shah, after revolting against Muhammad Bin Tughlaq.

Shihab Al Din Ahmad Shah I ruled the Bahmani Sultanate from 1422 to 1435 AD. He was a great patron of arts and culture. Ahmed Shah fought battles against Vijayanagar, Warangal, Malwa, and Gujarat.

During the reign, he issued silver and copper coins in the denomination of Tanka and Gani. These coins were struck at Hadrat Ahsanabad and Hadrat Muhammadabad mint.

The obverse of a coin has legend ‘Al Sultan Al Adil Al Badhil Al Nasir LiDin al Dayyan Abu'l Mughazi’. The reverse of coin depicted with ‘Shihab Al Dunya Wa'l Din Ahmad Shah Al Sultan’ between two elongated lines, Mint name on top, date at bottom.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery