Rs 50 Banknotes With Governor Shaktikanta Das’s Signature

2019-04-17 Wed

The Reserve Bank of India released an official statement yesterday, according to which, Rs 50 banknotes featuring the signature of Governor Shaktikanta Das are soon going to be circulated. These notes belong to the Mahatma Gandhi new series and designs will not be altered. Apart from that, the statement also read that all 50 Rs notes issued by RBI before this will continue to be legal tender.

Shaktikanta Das was appointed as the 25th Governor of RBI on 12th December 2018. A few weeks back, 100 Rs Notes featuring his signature were also released. Collectors eagerly wait for these banknotes with new signatures so that they can have the earliest issues of this variety. Keep looking for them, who knows, you could get lucky too!

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Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons