Universal Day of Culture

15 Apr 2019  Mon

Held every year on 15th April, the Universal Day of Culture celebrates around the world to promote the protection of culture, the Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace.

The International Movement for the affirmation of April 15 as Universal Day of Culture was established in December 2008 by NGOs from Cuba, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Spain. As of 2014, 40 organizations from 14 countries and 25000 individuals participate in the Movement.

"Unity in diversity" - these are not just words, but something that is highly applicable to a country like India that is incredibly rich in culture and heritage. India's culture is among the world's oldest; civilization in India began about 4,500 years ago. Many sources describe it as "Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara" — the first and the supreme culture in the world, according to the All World Gayatri Pariwar (AWGP) organization.

Indian culture varies like its vast geography. People speak in different languages, dress differently, follow different religions, eat different food but are of the same temperament.

The care about Culture is especially important today, when the Planet and human society pass through new global economic and ecological crises, cataclysms and military conflicts.

So, let’s pledge to conserve our culture and celebrate this Day with great enthusiast.

India Postal Department has issued various commemorative stamps to celebrate the culture of India.

Image Source: http://www.istampgallery.com

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