Philately Summer Camp in Chennai

2019-04-11 Thu

From 23rd April onwards, the Philatelic Bureau will be conducting a special summer camp for schoolchildren in Chennai. The camp is aimed at improving letter-writing skills and creating more awareness about the specifics of philately among the youth. Each session will go on from 9.30am to 12.30pm every day, till 30th May. The camp is mainly targeted at students from Class VI to Class IX. However, children from higher classes can also enrol. Students would have to pay Rs 250, using which, a Philatelic Deposit Account would be created and Philately material would be provided.

The basic features of postage stamps and philatelic jargon would be taught during this camp. Children would receive training to create stamp books and exhibits. They will also be taught to preserve the condition of stamps. Apart from that, students would get to learn about the functions of a post office. They will also get a chance to enhance their letter writing skills.

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Image Courtesy: Google Images