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Later ancient period of Indian history witness the famous for the tripartite struggle of the three power of india, the Rashtrakuta, Gurjara Pratiharas and Palas. This coin was issued by Gurjara Pratiharas king Bhoja I. They came to India from the central Asian region and settled in Rajasthan. Gradually, they gained political importance.

From the status of feudatories, the Gurjara Rulers gradually established a strong dominion over the 8th century Northern India. Established by the Nagabhatta – I, the Pratiharas rose to the dominion status only during the times of Mihira Bhoja.

Mihira Bhoja is considered to be the greatest King of the Pratiharas. Apart from his political conquests and cultural development, the Mihira Bhoja's epithet was his coin depicting “Varaha Avatara of Vishnu”.

King Bhoja was a devotee of Vishnu and adopted the title of Adivaraha which is inscribed on some of his coins. The Obverse of the coin depicts Boar or Varaha incarnation of Lord Vishnu facing right holding the earth on his tusks and on the reverse legend ‘Srimadadivaraha’ is inscribed in Sharada script.

The coin reflects and excellent artisanship and is probably the only coin depicting the “Avatara” of Lord Vishnu!

Image Courtesy: Amit Udeshi

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