Firuz Shah became an Emperor of Delhi

23 Mar 2019  Sat

Today on this day in 1351, Firoz Shah Tughluq sat on the throne after the death of his cousin, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq and ruled till 1388 AD.

His biography Futuhat-e-firozshahi is the most important literary source to study the conditions prevailed during his time. He is credited with patronizing Indo-Islamic architecture. Besides this, he also founded several cities around Delhi, including Jaunpur, Ferozpur, Hissar, Firuzabad, Fatehabad.

The coinage of Firoz Shah Tughlaq was rich. However, the majority of his coins were in billon and copper. Few gold varieties are found, but silver coins are extremely rare. He continued the tradition of minting coins in the name Caliph.

The obverse of a coin reads ‘al-sultan al a-zam amir al-mu-minin abul muzaffar firuz shah Sultani Khulidat mamlakatuha.’ The reverse of the coin inscribed as ‘darabat hadhihi al-sikka fizaman al-imam amir al-mu-minin abul Fath al-Mu'tasid billah Khulidat Khilafatuha’.

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